How do you put ‘magkaoras,’ ‘magkalugar,’ ‘magkapanahon,’ ‘magkaisip’ and ‘magkarason’ into English?

You will use ‘find’

Merriam-Webster’s usage of ‘find’: To obtain by effort or management



Kapag magkaoras ako na ayusin ang electric fan ko, saka mo rin dalhin ang electric fan mo para sabay kong ayusin.


If I find time to fix my electric fan, that’s when you may bring in your electric fan so I can fix them simultaneously .


Hindi pa ako nagkakalugar na bisitahin si Papa.


I don’t find an opportunity yet to visit Papa.      


Hindi pa nagkakaisip ang anak kong tatlong taong gulang. Kaya huwag mong patulan sa kasalanan niya.


My child who is three years old does not find discernment yet. So do not pick on her in her mistake. (Note: ‘discernment’ means the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently)


Hindi ka man lang nagkakarason para unawain ang aking sitwasyon.


You don’t find a reason at all to understand my situation.