How do you put ‘NAGKAlakas-loob siya’ and ‘MAGKAkumpiyansa ka’ into English? (‘HAD courage’ and ‘HAVE confidence’ are ordinary and sound unimproved)

You will use ‘find’

Cambridge Dictionary’s usage of ‘find’: If you find a quality within yourself, you suddenly develop it or learn that you have it



Nagkalakas-loob siya na umalis sa nayon kung saan siya sinilang.


She found the courage to leave the town where she was born.  (Cambridge Dictionary’s sample)             


Ang gusto ko ay ang magkakumpiyansa kayo sa pinagsamang talento ninyo.


What I want is for you to find confidence in your combined talents.        

magka-ibigan, magka-payapaan

Magka-ibigan at magka-payapaan kayo sa bawat isa sa inyo. Sa ganiyan ko kayo hinihimok!


Find love and find peace among yourselves. I thus encourage you!