How do you put ‘napasa-kaniya’ as in ‘napasa-kaniya ang pagtanggap ng mana’ into English?

You will use ‘fall’

Merriam-Webster’s usage of ‘fall’: To come or pass by lot, assignment, or inheritance / Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary’s usage of ‘fall’: To happen by way of obligation


napasa-kaniya ang pagsisiwalat ng

Napasa-kaniya ang pagsisiwalat ng balita. Ang tungkuling pagtala naman ang napasa-iyo.


It fell to him to break the news. On the other hand, the duty to record fell to you. (It fell to him to break the news — Merriam-Webster’s sample)

napasa-kaniya ang pagtanggap ng

Napasa-kaniya ang pagtanggap ng lumang mansyon ng kanilang tatay.


I fell to him to receive the old mansion of their father.

napasa-kapatid niya ang paggawa ng

Napasa-kapatid niya ang gawin ang trabaho.


Napasa-kapatid niya ang paggawa ng trabaho.


It fell to his brother to do the job. (Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary’s sample)