How do you say ‘ako naman iyong’ in English, as in ‘Ako naman yung, “Kuya, ‘wag po”?

You will use ‘like’

Merriam-Webster’s usageof ‘like’: Used interchangeably in informal speech . . . with ‘it’s’ to report a generally held opinion (so I’m like, ‘Give me a break’) (it’s like, ‘Who cares with what he thinks?’)


ako naman iyong, ‘Kuya ‘wag po!’

Para biniro lang kami ng kapitbahay naming sundalo na malaki ang katawan, overacting ang reaksiyon ni Merriam. Ako naman iyong, “Kuya ‘wag po!” Overacting din ako.


Our neighbor soldier who’s heavy-built just jested on us, yet Merriam’s reaction was one of overacting. And I’m like, “Kuya, don’t, please!” I was also overacting.

ako yung

Bilang mapera, ako yung, “Let’s paint the town red. Sky is the limit!”


Being moneyed, I’m like, “Let’s paint the town red. Sky is the limit!”