How do you say ‘mag-Houdi-Houdinihan’ and ‘mag-FPJ-FPJ-han’ in English?

You will use ‘do’

Merriam-Webster’s usage of ‘do’: To mimic, behave like



Mag-Houdi-Houdinihan ka at mawala ka.


Do a Houdini and disappear. (Merriam-Webster’s sample)


Note: Houdini is one of the world’s most popular magicians.


Magaling kang mag-FPJ-FPJ-han. Magiging mahusay kang aktor balang-araw.


You’re good at doing an FPJ. You will make a fine actor someday.


Mag-Mama-Mamahan ka at pagalitan mo kami pero ikaw ang magluto para sa amin.


Do a Mama and scold us but do the cooking for us.