How do you say these phrases in English?: ‘okey ba?’, ‘ayos ba?’, ‘puwede?’, ‘yan, sige!’, ‘huwag iyan!’

You will use ‘have’

Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary’s usage of ‘have’: To permit



Kaunti lang ang ilalagay ko na asukal. Puwede?

I’ll put only little amount of sugar. Will you have it?

okey ba?

E kung isara kaya ang pinto. Okey ba sa iyo?

How about closing the door? Will you have it?

ayos ba?

Pitong bilang lang. Ayos ba sa iyo?

Seven counts only. Will you have so?

huwag iyan!

Pula ang kulay; huwag ‘yan!

Red in color; I won’t have that!

‘yan, sige!

Mag-fi-filter ka? ‘Yan, sige!

You’ll do filtering? I’ll have that, go!