In English, how do you say ‘iyong’ in ‘Ako iyong, a, bahala na’?

You will use ‘like’ for ‘yung’

Merriam-Webster’s usage of ‘like’: the way it would be if, the way someone would do if . . . FULL DEFINITION: used interjectionally in informal speech with ‘it’s’ to report a generally held opinion (so I’m like, ‘Give me a break’) (it’s like, ‘Who cares what he thinks?’)


ako iyong ‘bahala na’

Kapag pinag-uusapan ang ugali sa panahon ng kalituhan, ako iyong, “Bahala na!”

As far the attitude in time of confusion, I’m like, “Come what may!”

ito yung ‘matira ang matibay’

Ito yung, “Matira nag matibay” na kaisipan.

It’s like, “The tough stays” mentality.