‘Kamukatmukati mo’ is an ordinary Pinoy specimen but it’s translation cannot be, or hardly found, in dictionaries.

Let’s translate it using ‘find’ with ‘myself,’ ‘ourselves,’ ‘himself’ and the like

Cambridge Dictionary’s usage of ‘find’: To realize that you are in a particular situation or place, or doing a particular thing, when you did not intend to


kamukatmukati niya

Kamukatmukati niya wala siyang kaibigan man lamang kung magpapatuloy siyang umasal nang ganito.


He’ll find himself with no friends at all if he carries on behaving this way. (Cambridge Dictionary’s sample)

kamukatmukati namin

Nakatulog kami sa tren at kamukatmukati namin paggising ay nasa Calais kami.


We fell asleep on the train and woke up to find ourselves in Calais. (Cambridge Dictionary’s sample)