What is ‘kung papaano ang’ or ‘kung paanong ganun ang’ or ‘tulad ng’ in English?

You will use ‘with’

1) Merriam-Webster’s usage of ‘with’: As well as 2) Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary’s usage of ‘with’: As competently as

To the Pinoy novice users, the samples below may sound not typical for them, but such are the actual dictionary usage and the native English users’ usage.


As well as

Makakahagis siya pataas kung papaano ang pinakamagaling sa manila.


Makakahagis siya pataas kung paanong ganoon ang pinakamagaling sa kanila.


Makakahagis siya pataas tulad ng pinakamagaling sa kanila.

He can pitch with the best of them. (Merriam-Webster’s sample; the pronoun ‘he’ is supplied by this site blog)  

As competently as

Makakasumpa siya tulad ng/kung papaano ang/kung paanong ganoon ang alinman sa kanila.

He can swear with any of them.