What is ‘sa akin’ or ‘sa tingin ko’ in English? It’s not ‘in me ’ or ‘in my sight ’

You will use ‘with’

Merriam-Webster’s one usage of ‘with’: In the judgment or estimation of


sa mga kaklase niya

Sa mga kaklase niya, siya ay mahusay/mabuti/magaling.

He stood well with her classmates. (Merriam-Webster’s sample.  We added the pronoun ‘he’)


NOTE: ‘Stand’ means to look or appear or have a chance

sa akin

Sa akin, may magandang laban ang Gilas Pilipinas sa mga Italyanong malalaki.

With me, Gilas Pilipinas stands to have a good fight against the bigger Italians.

sa akin

Sa akin mahirap ito.

With me it’s tough.