Our Aim

In collaboration with the readers, we attempt to unlock simple solutions to some problems


We are attempting to build up some paradigms of accuracy or near accuracy in translation and argumentation by our utmost effort in logic. This is our concentration. But of course, we cannot aim perfection.  So we are mindful that somehow along the way, we might go wrong in some of our concepts. Nevertheless, we will see to it that those wrongs will be just a few and on minor matters only. Our objective is to cater to the readers’ need to be enlightened. We promise then that we will discuss and treat problem areas with painstaking analysis, research, and consultation with the reliable sources so that the readers will truly find enlightenment in those problem areas in which they can relate. However, in any of those that we may misstep, we demand that the reader/reactor should please help us out to rectify things rather than to strike at us.



Translation Paradigm (for translation problem)


In Platform 1, we assert these provisos:



We are not grammarians so we will not discuss grammar; rather, we are translation questors. Our aim is to supply the missing elements in the instruction of translation in the Philippines. If the reader/reactor may find any debatable areas, our demand is a hand with hand cooperation so that every one of us may seek and then find the best paradigm in translating. Accordingly, we will not entertain condemnatory reactions and dialogues.


Discussions in Logic (for problems on reasoning out)


In Platform 2, we assert these provisos:



We emphatically request that the reader/reactor should refrain from any condemnatory reactions and dialogues against us or anyone that may be hinted in the discussions in the forum.


  1. We will not name names unless it is to give merit; provided, as well, that the giving of merit that goes with the mentioning of the name does not, in effect, hint the identity of a particular individual or group being de-merited in the process.
  2. We will name names only if the parties involved are public officials and the logical discussions to be treated pertain to their official acts.
  3. If a person, group, company, institution, or any other artificial person would be, in the process of scrutiny here, might get de-merited, we will substitute their names in the discussion.
  4. We will help only those on the right.
  5. We cannot promise to cater to all queries if time would be insufficient to meet all them or time would be of essence to prioritize the most important ones. In such a case, maybe, we need to augment our team personnel in the event our clientele would grow in number.
  6. Answering the readers’ queries and outlining of arguments about their issues or concerns are free of charge in this forum even if done for a commercial organization. However, we will be open for a negotiation for a charged service if we deem that our service will require a huge amount of time and effort especially if it will produce a pecuniary advantage to the reader/client.
  7. In some cases, we will demand the reader/client to provide us reference materials for his/her concern.
  8. We will primarily tackle issues of civil-legal nature or those involving official acts of public officials/figures that are of social relevance or of human interest.
  9. If one of our team partners here is procured for his legal/paralegal service or training/talking engagement offline, outside of this site, or in the actual world by any client , the repercussion of his discourse on that instance shall be his personal responsibility and not for the account of this site and its team. While the members of our team may, as they engage in the real world, relate their discourses to their audience or listeners, yet all their conceptions as utilized and reflect in this site undergo deliberation and editing so that we come up ultimately with a unified conceptual paradigm that identifies singly and only with this site.
  10. If you will write to us, please do not mention real names except that of yours.. Just create fictitious names of persons, groups, companies, or any other artificial persons.


Civil: Relating to private rights of individuals and disputes between them (The New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language). This area of discussion is our main concentration.

We do not discuss for or against or cite any political, religious and ideological group. Ours are only those of general subjects that are of human interest although with incidental political and religious significance and relevant for logical discussion in such a way that the learners of this site will have some samples for learning lessons in logic. Every blog herein is by-lined by a corresponding author, which means that the blog is for his account and does not reflect those of his teammates.





Important: We are basically not a legal consultative forum. That is not our main intention.  We will treat only misconceptions or misjudgements although with incidental legal significance. We will treat only actual issues where there is already an actual controversy and the reader is wrongfully charged by his oppressor with some misplaced as well as illogical accusations. We will entertain only those cases in which the reader/client already suffers from oppression because of some wrong contention of his oppressor. Thus, to reemphasize, we are an advisory catering to clients who goes through argumentative or confrontational oppression on varied concerns even with some incidental legal matters. We will cater only to those that we feel in our bones to be oppressed.


If you will use our outline of arguments to your actual issue or controversy, you may do so only if your intention is to submit a formal affidavit, letter, memorandum, pleading, and the like to the proper authority that may resolve your issue or to any party involved therein. However, please do not use the outline for purposes of any publication in which you or anybody else will appear to be the author since we own and retain the copyright to the idea in the outline.

The Developer of this site assumes full responsibility for the herein contents.